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House Training

 House Training   The keys to successful house training are:  Containment Your dog will not eliminate in areas where he is not allowed to go....   Read More

Educare il cane a non sporcare in casa!

Educare il cane a non sporcare in casa   Le chiavi del successo nell’educare il cane a non sporcare in casa sono: Contenere  Il...   Read More

The ABC’s of Training a Dog!

Today, here is for you  a PPT presentation :  The ABC’s of Training a DOG           The benefits of having a...   Read More

How your Dog “Sees” the World with his Super -Nose! [Video]

You already know that dogs’ sense of smell is way keener than our own. But just how keen their sense of smell is might...   Read More

Come il tuo cane “vede” il mondo con il suo Super Naso! [video]

Già Sai che l’olfatto dei cani è i molto più acuto  del nostro. Ma quanto forte  sia il loro senso dell’olfatto  potrebbe essere una sorpresa . Come...   Read More

Did You Know? Turmeric…

Did you know? Curcumin has the ability to help keep animals healthy, based on studies showing it has anti-cancer activities and so much more,...   Read More

Lo sapevate? La curcuma…

Lo sapevate che la curcumina è in grado di aiutare a mantenere gli animali sani.  Le ricerche  dimostrano che ha attività anti-cancro e molto  altro...   Read More

What Dogs are Saying with their Barks

Research explores animal sounds as a form of communication by Dr.Sophia Yin A sleep-deprived gentleman once asked me, “How is it that dogs can...   Read More

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