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Whether we’re aware of it or not, every interaction we have with the pet is a training session (DR. Sophia Yin P.h.d.) – Che ne siamo consapevoli o meno, ogni interazione che abbiamo con l’animale domestico è una sessione di educazione

Whether we’re aware of it or not, every interaction we have with the pet is a training session (DR. Sophia Yin P.h.d.)

Telchines. ®.

ENCI /FCI recognized

“When I look into your eyes I don’t see an animal, I see my Best Friend, I see my Family”




My name is Cristina Cozza and since when I was a child I grew up with dogs . My family taught me to love and respect them and with my dogs I created an unbreakable bond .

The name “TELCHINES”  comes from my old Giant Schnauzer.

With them I had a lot of satisfaction in show and work (Utility and Defense)

Breed has never been my job but has always been my true and big passion. In my working life I am Ceo of Leaderform, my company. A work that takes up much of my time, but I never taken the time to my dogs, wich I consider part of my family and with the few litters I have done during 20 years , I have always tried to select carefully without forgetting character and morphology.

MILVA Von Der Hohen Ward – JahreSieger Auslese – International Champion – Italian Champion – Austria Champion – German Champion – Sch H3 – IPO 3 – HD 0 – EyeChecked Free

Regarding the character I have attended since 1983 and for many years the training camps and worked with my dogs in utility and defense (Sch h1 -2 -3 Ipo 1 – 2 – 3)

About Expo among the most recognized ttles my Giang Schnauzer have earned titles of Bundessieger, Europasieger, Vdh Sieger, Italian Ch., International Ch. , Austria Ch., Jahresieger Auslese, Ch. South Africa, many BOB, Bog and many others including a Best in Show at Bundessieger .

I was in charge of the Membership , in Working Trials Committee and the Executive Council of the Italian Schnauzer Club . A period of time very intense and constructive during which I had a way to grow, surrounded by people who still respect very much . From my side , I also hope to have brought my small contribution to the improvement of the breed during this period .

I attended many courses with the sole aim to better understand the behavior of my dogs. Among the last courses, that I feel I have been very useful , a Master Canine Behavior and one in Low Stress Handling in English language.

I’m an APDT Professional Member and IAABC Supporting.

In 2002 I left the dog world for a period because of my job that I do not let me more time to follow my dogs as I wanted .

Then one day I met the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and it was love at first sight.

Bold, Fearless and Totally Reliable! . There are no better words to describe it.

When my last Giant Schnauzer died, I began to inquire , to study the blood lines , making contacts , and in February 2013 came my first Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Every day I learn from them and with them something new .

Carry forward the name Telchines  is my goal and I hope that the Staffy who will arrive in my family will be proud to pass on the name.


You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube too.

Thank you for attention

Cristina Cozza


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