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Socializzazione del Cucciolo “Rules of Many”

Socializzazione del Cucciolo “Rules of Many” estratto dall’articolo “Puppy/Dog Socialization” BY Dee Ganley CPDT, CDBC, CABC And Barbara Handelman, M.Ed, CDBC Traduzione Cristina Cozza,...   Read More

One Great Snark! (slow motion dog to dog meeting)

This is an incredible video of a Mal who is a wee bit tight in his dog to dog intros. It’s at 1/10th speed,...   Read More

L’ Incontro di due cani visto a rallentatore

Questo è un video incredibile in slow motion che ci mostra l’incontro di due cani al guinzaglio. E’ alla velocità di 1/10th Guardate la...   Read More

New research: Probably Wolves were not so closer with Dogs

In the last few months a couple papers have come out on related topics: the amylase (starch digestion) gene that is duplicated in dogs and not...   Read More

Nuova ricerca: probabilmente i cani non hanno origine dai Lupi

Negli ultimi mesi sono usciti argomenti molto importanti che riguardano l’origine del cane: 1) il gene per l’amilasi (digestione dell’amido)  è duplicato nei cani...   Read More

Robin at 1.DCBT Summer Cup Germany

[/caption]  Just got Home from The DCBT Summer Cup Germany . Tired from the long journey but soooo happy for the fantastic result!!!!! ROBIN at...   Read More

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