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Puppies 12 days

Good morning, Here a beautiful photo of the puppies at 12 days! They are growing so fast

Puppies _ news from Telchines

Puppies born 08 August 2016! Today is 19 August 2016, and time go very fast! I had no time till now to write something...   Read More

Great Way to Start 2016

Great Way to Start 2016!!!! 16/01/2016 IDS LUBIANA Yes We Can Great ‘n Glory aka ROBIN 1 OPEN CLASS – CAC – CACIB – BOS ...   Read More

News from Slovenia 2015

Just back from Slovenia where we had very nice days. Frisian Staff’s Final Countdown ” Galileo” 1 EXC Open Class – CAC – CACIB...   Read More

In Bocca al Lupo > significato

Non tutti conoscono la bellezza del significato del modo di dire “in bocca al lupo”. L’augurio rappresenta l’amore della madre-lupo che prende con la...   Read More

Inside the minds of animals – Bryan B Rasmussen [Video]

Do animals think? It’s a question that has intrigued scientists for thousands of years, inspiring them to come up with different methods and criteria...   Read More

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