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How to Deal with Puppy Biting

    Are your puppy’s needle teeth turning you into a pincushion? Mouthing is typical puppy behavior. They do it a lot when they’re...   Read More

Come affrontare il morso del cucciolo

 I Denti ad Aghi del tuo cucciolo si trasformano in un puntaspilli? L’uso della bocca  è un comportamento tipico del cucciolo. Lo fanno molto quando stanno...   Read More

House Training

 House Training   The keys to successful house training are:  Containment Your dog will not eliminate in areas where he is not allowed to go....   Read More

Educare il cane a non sporcare in casa!

Educare il cane a non sporcare in casa   Le chiavi del successo nell’educare il cane a non sporcare in casa sono: Contenere  Il...   Read More

The ABC’s of Training a Dog!

Today, here is for you  a PPT presentation :  The ABC’s of Training a DOG           The benefits of having a...   Read More

How your Dog “Sees” the World with his Super -Nose! [Video]

You already know that dogs’ sense of smell is way keener than our own. But just how keen their sense of smell is might...   Read More

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