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Happy 2015! … and remember to keep your animals inside and safe.

  Wishing you a Happy 2015 I remind you to keep safe on the  New Year  Eve, your pets . Many animals die each...   Read More

What a beautiful Weekend with dogs!

Sabato 6 e Domenica 7 dicembre a Verona in Italia si sono svolte le manifestazioni di Belluno e Verona. Fantastici risultati per i miei...   Read More


Why You Should run with your dog? 1. It helps your heart. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise...   Read More

Dog Training is a Technical Skill!

from the article By Dr. Sophia Yin Training dogs is a technical skill just like dance, golf, tennis, or figure skating. Often when something...   Read More

Ricordi del mio primo Anno!

Sembra ieri… ma già un anno è anno è passato!  

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Gang!

Puppy Socialization “Rules of Many”

Puppy Socialization “Rules of Many” Puppy/Dog Socialization BY Dee Ganley CPDT, CDBC, CABC And Barbara Handelman, M.Ed, CDBC   “part of the article”  ...   Read More

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