For a Special Bulldog, a special Memory

For a Special Bulldog a Special Memory Ciao Jedi. I thought a lot about whether to write or not, but you deserve it, you were special and the whole world must know. I’ll try to remember the good times spent with you without crying because I know you would not want. You left too soon, […]

Challenge for the day. Don’t talk to your dog today!

 Challenge for the day:  Don’t talk to your dog today. Instead, talk only with your body language and see what happens. You’ll find out how much you chatter to your dog, meaningless words and wonder why she tunes you out. A surprise may be that your dog pays closer attention because she’ll have to rely on […]

So Why Train Your Dog?

You had a dog when you were a kid and you never “trained” him and he was great. So why all this training stuff??? Why can’t we just live with Fritz. He’ll figure it out….right?? Spot always did. Yes, there are still dogs like that, and families with tons of time to spend with their […]

How to Deal with Puppy Biting

    Are your puppy’s needle teeth turning you into a pincushion? Mouthing is typical puppy behavior. They do it a lot when they’re playing … it’s how they play with each other. The thing is, a fur coat can take those needles much better than we can! One of the most valuable lessons you […]

House Training

 House Training   The keys to successful house training are:  Containment Your dog will not eliminate in areas where he is not allowed to go. Using a crate is an excellent way to quickly housetrain a dog as a dog will generally not eliminate in the same space where it sleeps. If a crate is not […]

How your Dog “Sees” the World with his Super -Nose! [Video]

You already know that dogs’ sense of smell is way keener than our own. But just how keen their sense of smell is might come as a surprise. As explained in a fascinating new TED-Ed video (under), it’s almost as if dogs are tuned into another world –“seeing” everything in a whole different way than […]

Did You Know? Turmeric…

Did you know? Curcumin has the ability to help keep animals healthy, based on studies showing it has anti-cancer activities and so much more, highlighted by Dr. Karen Becker in the video below. In fact, one study discussed by Dr. Becker states turmeric has more than two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds to help block an enzyme […]

2 Gentleman Jim Trophy

After Great Big Success of the latest edition of Gentleman Jim Trophy , Don’t MISS this new edition 2015!  

Happy 2015! … and remember to keep your animals inside and safe.

  Wishing you a Happy 2015 I remind you to keep safe on the  New Year  Eve, your pets . Many animals die each year because of the New Year fireworks , other become scared  and others escape  and live moments of real terror . Keep animals , even those who usually live outside , at home or […]

Training is Training, right?

Training is training, right?   Work at it, keep going, and you’ll get better, stronger, faster. Nice! …..Its not quite so simple though. If you’re training for a marathon you can’t go out every day and simply run one more mile each time.  To reach your athletic goals, there must be a base period of […]