Becoming Dr Dolittle: Your Dog can Talk to you!

I’m reading a vey interesting book  “Dog Can Sign Too“  by Sean Senecal. Imagine being able to ask your dog , Who’s at the door? and having her respond, Katy. Or asking  What do you want? and him responding, Water. Or asking , Which toy do you want? and getting the response, Stick. If you’ve ever […]

Robin > Crufts Qualified 2014

  Due splendide giornate a Ginevra. Ho Mangiato bene e fatto delle belle passeggiate sul lungolago con i miei amici a quattro zampe, Robin e Galileo.     e…. riguardo le esposizioni?

Play and Bite for FUN!

It’s very nice to see dogs Happy. Following you can see a video with the results of positive reinforcement. The Gang is composed   by:     Here it is THE VIDEO Play and Bite for FUN

New research: Probably Wolves were not so closer with Dogs

In the last few months a couple papers have come out on related topics: the amylase (starch digestion) gene that is duplicated in dogs and not in wolves, and a new DNA paper that says all wolves tested were no closer to the dog, so probably not ancestral. Find Enclosed documentation  dog.origin.wolf.2013[1]

Good morning, standing up for Staffies!

When you think of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier what do you see? The loving family pet or the savage, bloodthirsty monsters the media have portrayed them to be.  Staffies make wonderful, loyal pets,  highly affectionate, active and loyal dogs ,  they will melt your heart and you really do have a friend for life!