Wishing you a Happy 2015

Please, Keep your animal safe at New Year Event! Cristina Cozza Telchines

I remind you to keep safe on the  New Year  Eve, your pets .

Many animals die each year because of the New Year fireworks , other become scared  and others escape  and live moments of real terror .

Keep animals , even those who usually live outside , at home or in a safe place  , closed , secured and reassuring .

Close the windows . Never leave them OUTDOORS .

And it’s  better not to leave alone  the animal , but if you can’t , make alive the house ,  leaving turned on the  television , stereo and lights . The animals should be accustomed to the noises gradually since puppies , those who were not accustomed will suffer more.

If you’re driving and you feel you are shooting the fireworks , slow down and drive particular vigilance to prevent any animals that may emerge suddenly frightened .

If you are indoors , avoid reassure animals at every sound pampering them , what for us is a gesture of affection made ​​in order to reassure , to them causes the opposite effect since it suggests that there is something wrong . Better to continue talking normally.


Cristina Cozza



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