housetrainingimmagine House Training


The keys to successful house training are: 



o When they first wake up in the morning;

o After a play session (or even sometimes during!);

o After a nap;

o Just after drinking;

o Just before or just after he eats;

o After chewing on a bone or chew toy

o If he hasn’t been out for an hour or two.

Remember, young puppies are still developing control over their bladder so be patient and give them time to both learn, and to physically gain bladder control.

If you have rescued an adult dog, the best tactic is to pretend your dog is an 8 week old puppy and start from scratch!


Odor Removal

Other Tips

Finally, another useful method is to have a rolled up newspaper ready at hand. Every time your dog eliminates in the house, pick it up and hit yourself over the head while repeating, “I forgot to watch my dog! I forgot to watch my dog!”

Remember, house-training accidents are your mistake, not the dog’s.



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