11082274_10205219552882415_1220271219382073943_oFor a Special Bulldog a Special Memory

Ciao Jedi.

I thought a lot about whether to write or not, but you deserve it, you were special and the whole world must know. I’ll try to remember the good times spent with you without crying because I know you would not want.

You left too soon, too young, and inexplicably, and I never expected this. I knew that the Bulldogs are at risk, but you … You not, you were immortal for me.

You came very little, and already with a fighting spirit of an adult dog.

When you arrived you had a strong bronchitis and the vet had given you a few days .317699_2309776957908_1377335364_n

But you were strong and have passed all in a very short time.

From that moment it started our adventure.

You’ve always been very active… and very gritty. You didn’t accept things you did not want to do and you turned very determined to get your point across.

We had many difficulties to understand at first. You didn’t have confidence in me and I …in you.

Some people told me to impose myself, but I have heard other tips and my instinct and very calmly I managed to get into your world.

From that moment you started to trust me and after a short time also to do the cleaning, only with one word you went on the couch to wait for. Trust and harmony inside us.

1064813_10200906037087216_1791087537_oThere are dogs, dogs for which you cry when they leave us, then there are dogs that enter in your soul and when they leave us they take away a piece of our soul..

I have had many dogs, for all of them I cried when they left, but only one, my first one entered in my soul before you and now you.

You had a short life, too short, too short for a bulldog in health, tested, trained.

We conquered many peaks and also a record of elevation in the mountains.

You din’t like swim ,, but when we went to the mountains your eyes sparkled.

DO you Remember the first time? Arriving at one point you were afraid to cross a stream, just did not want to go. But with your friend Elia, you get courage and proud of you have gone through and reach the summit.311657_4019798267372_1094149705_n

You were unique.

Sometimes I left you  home you because I didn’t want strain you too much, but your eyes always asked me to come.

I want to remember you with your best photos and best videos

You left inexplicably and while I was not home.

Friday you went with Bianca because I had to leave a couple of days.

You went with her always when I had to go away.

Latest photo of Jedi happy in the garden of Riccardo and Bianca. This photo will remain forever with me

You went in the car happy and I remember that moment, the last time when I saw you and we said goodbye, see you on Monday.

Then the picture of your arrival to Bianca and Riccardo, in the h hill where they live and where you always loved going.

Them for you were your second parents and you loved them just as much as they loved you.

Saturday at 13 the terrible news.

It ‘was like a thunderbolt fell down’ from heaven.
A huge void, and I was away. I know that Riccardo and Bianca have done everything possible to save you, you were like a son for them. And maybe for me it was better not see you in that moments.

As someone told me, you’ll spend the rainbow bridge by choosing to follow it uphill because you were an active bulldog!

Now I want only to remember the happy moments spent with you.

1497864_10202082122048605_1664168882_oYou had a short life but intense.

I loved you and tried to get you to live the life that you wanted to do, not keep you locked in a glass case.

You taught me with your character to better understand your world, the animal world.

All courses I’ve done over the years, didn’t taught me what you taught me in your short life. And with your fellow you were special. You grew your “ brothers” Robin and Galileo impeccably, always giving to them before dispute the right calming signals10495294_10205387695725881_7279576134089502611_o

It was a privilege and honor for me to watch you in those moments.600070_10200171315399633_943911373_n

I learned a lot from you.

Now Jedi, I want to thank Beppe and Valentina who always played with you when they came to visit us. Beppe especially for making you “fight” even if Mom did not want , and elongated table tidbits, even if Mom did not want.

So you could do all the things you wanted in your short life.

I want to thank also Bianca and Riccardo for having always taken care of yo1146390_10201122150809924_1650469247_ou when I was away and for be close to you doing everything possible in your final moments.

Thanks also to Francesca Fiorellato and Bianca Janssen who were present at the time of the terrible news and they have particularly supported me.1909401_10202401158264311_2049684218_o

And thanks to all those who in these days are written me , sorry if I can’t speak on the phone, but it’s still too hard.

I miss everything about you Jedi, I miss your breath that made me understand where you were at all times, your character grumpy, your faces when you wanted something, your eyes.

Your “brothers” are looking for you everywhere these days, especially Galileo.

He was your best friend. YES two males yet so friends. You taught him many things.

Now run free and happy, reach heights in your sky.

You left me physically, but I know you’ll always be with me and you will be forever in my heart

Ciao Jedi, thanks. I will never forget you.


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