Well, now I have few time to write about my short holiday in Portugal and the two Cacib Show at Torres Vedras.

We did the  trip in three days because we have the two puppies with us and so we stopped a lot during the trip.

We visited very nice place during our trip:

in France /Grenoble) , but a very short visit unfortunately due to the few time.

Then we stopped to a fantastic place , The Historic Medieval Fortified City of Carcassonne along Camino de Santiago. What a beauty the city. We had here a good night with all the gang, a beautiful visit and good food.

Second Stop was at
at Medina del Campo ESPANA  Along Camino de Santiago

a very charme Hotel and we can say to have done a part of Camino de Santiago ………… by car and short walks with dogs .

Well, after that finally we arrive at Portugal border and here we did a short stop at Fatima.

early evening finally we arrived at destination . Santa Cruz. Wow! beautiful house for 4 nights in front of the Ocean. Beach was fantastic early in the morning with no one person and dogs enjoyed a lot

The day after we visited Sintra, another amazing place

and the the after was dedicated to visit Lisbona. Wow I loved Lisbona , a spectacular city , big spaces, good food, nice people, a lot to visit.


Well , finally I’m going to speak about the results at the two Cacib Show at Torres Vedras

So, happy for the results! my dogs did an excellent job!

26/08 IDS Torres Vedras Judge Hans Van Der Berg (NL)

⭐️HARU⭐️, Telchines A Dream Of Spring
? BEST OF BREED ? , Best Bitch , CACIB, CAC , 1 Exc Champion Class

⭐️MYSTIQUE , Castlebar La Spia Che Mi Amo
2 Exc Champion Class rCAC

⭐️VAIANA, Telchines Because I Am Your Dream
2 VP minor baby female

⭐️LANDAU, Telchines Because I Am A Brainstorm
1 VP minor baby male

25\08 IDS Torres Vedras Judge Viktor Lobakin (AZ)

⭐️HARU 2 exc Champion Class rCAC

⭐️MYSTIQUE CAC rCACIB 1 Exc Champion Class

⭐️VAIANA 2 VP minor puppy female

⭐️LANDAU 1 VP minor puppy male


I am very proud of all my Team .

After that we leave for the South of Portugal and see wonderful beaches, then we continued our trip passing from Valencia and Barcelona.

Here few photos of our Team and the places visited






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