Puppies Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Puppies born 08 August 2016!

Today is 19 August 2016, and time go very fast!

I had no time till now to write something of my babies .

It was a fantastic emotion see them .

After we lost the first baby female, the others born in two hours . Robin did very well!

After 10 days now I can tell that Puppies of Robin and Galileo are growing very well , they eat a lot and they are so beautiful!

 I love to see them every day, I would like to have time to stop and look at them every second. I Love also see them while they are eat.

Eyes are still closed , we are waiting for the opening in the next few days.

Robin is a fantastic Mom, I never expected from her because she has a very hard and strong character, but with babies she is Super.

Galileo met his babies two days ago for the first time. He was very happy. Now he will meet them when they will be a little more big, but she can see them every day.

Following A short video for you with Milk Bar Opened.

I hope in the next days to do some photos and to show them one per one.

We have 6 strong babies, 3 males and 3 females

Pedigree names of puppies are :

Telchines A Clash of Kings (male)
Telchines A Storm of Swords (male)
Telchines A Feast for Crows (male)
Telchines A Dance With Dragons (female)
Telchines A Dream of Spring (female)
Telchines A Wind of Winter (female)


Pedigree of The Litter http://www.sbtpedigree.com/dogarchive3/testmating.php?dam=146188&sire=151108&gens=4

staffordshire bull terrier


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