Inside the minds of animals – Bryan B Rasmussen [Video]

Do animals think? It’s a question that has intrigued scientists for thousands of years, inspiring them to come up with different methods and criteria to measure the intelligence of animals. Bryan B Rasmussen navigates through this controversial question, showing how determining intelligence often says more about how humans think than about anything else

Challenge for the day. Don’t talk to your dog today!

 Challenge for the day:  Don’t talk to your dog today. Instead, talk only with your body language and see what happens. You’ll find out how much you chatter to your dog, meaningless words and wonder why she tunes you out. A surprise may be that your dog pays closer attention because she’ll have to rely on […]

So Why Train Your Dog?

You had a dog when you were a kid and you never “trained” him and he was great. So why all this training stuff??? Why can’t we just live with Fritz. He’ll figure it out….right?? Spot always did. Yes, there are still dogs like that, and families with tons of time to spend with their […]

Whatcha Looking At?

By Molly Michelson   The human face is well-formed for communication. Full facial expressions convey a tremendous amount, and our eyes alone often let others know what we are thinking. Consider a simple gaze—we can follow others’ eye movement to see what they are seeing. Dogs can do this, too, and pick up on what […]

Learning Controls !

Robin is learning Controls! What a smart Baby! 🙂 Thank you   Bianca Thiene