Happy 2015! … and remember to keep your animals inside and safe.

  Wishing you a Happy 2015 I remind you to keep safe on the  New Year  Eve, your pets . Many animals die each year because of the New Year fireworks , other become scared  and others escape  and live moments of real terror . Keep animals , even those who usually live outside , at home or […]

Whatcha Looking At?

By Molly Michelson   The human face is well-formed for communication. Full facial expressions convey a tremendous amount, and our eyes alone often let others know what we are thinking. Consider a simple gaze—we can follow others’ eye movement to see what they are seeing. Dogs can do this, too, and pick up on what […]

Play and Bite for FUN!

It’s very nice to see dogs Happy. Following you can see a video with the results of positive reinforcement. The Gang is composed   by:     Here it is THE VIDEO Play and Bite for FUN

Learning Controls !

Robin is learning Controls! What a smart Baby! 🙂 Thank you   Bianca Thiene