The ABC’s of Training a Dog!

Today, here is for you  a PPT presentation :  The ABC’s of Training a DOG           The benefits of having a trained dog are nearly limitless! From the moment you get your new puppy or dog, here’s a run-down of just some of the advantages and benefits: Benefits of Dog Training: • […]

Quanto bene i bambini sanno interpretare i segnali emozionali del cane?

In una recente pubblicazione nel giornale Anthrozoos (Data from: Nelly N. Lakestani, Morag L. Donaldson and Natalie Waran, (2014). Interpretation of Dog Behavior by Children and Young Adults. Anthrozoos, (27), pp. 65-80)i ricercatori dell’Università Lincoln e dell’Università di Edimburgo hanno esplorato quanto bene bambini ed adulti sappiano riconoscere le espressioni emozionali nei cani. Sono stati […]

The Dominance Controversy

In the past few decades our scientific understanding of dog behavior in relation to wolves has advanced and our knowledge of Dominance Theory has changed. Virtually everyone who started as a dog trainer over 15-20 years ago started out using traditional dog training techniques: similar to those used by Cesar Millan (National Geographic’s The Dog […]

My babies are growing

I have not a lot of free time to write during latest period, but I want to share a couple of photos of my babies that are growing and a video of the girl Robin that choose her improvement with controls. Love them so much