Happy 2015! … and remember to keep your animals inside and safe.

  Wishing you a Happy 2015 I remind you to keep safe on the  New Year  Eve, your pets . Many animals die each year because of the New Year fireworks , other become scared  and others escape  and live moments of real terror . Keep animals , even those who usually live outside , at home or […]

What a beautiful Weekend with dogs!

Sabato 6 e Domenica 7 dicembre a Verona in Italia si sono svolte le manifestazioni di Belluno e Verona. Fantastici risultati per i miei bimbi e un piacevole fine settimana in buona compagnia. Saturday 6 and Sunday 7  December I was at the Dogs Events in Verona Italy. Fantastics results for my babies and beautiful […]


Why You Should run with your dog? 1. It helps your heart. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise (or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity) to promote heart health. Sure, a long walk each day after work can do the […]

Dog Training is a Technical Skill!

from the article By Dr. Sophia Yin Training dogs is a technical skill just like dance, golf, tennis, or figure skating. Often when something looks as simple as a sit-spin in ice-skating or a perfectly placed serve in tennis, it’s actually much more complex. It’s not until owners try the techniques under the watchful of […]

Puppy Socialization “Rules of Many”

Puppy Socialization “Rules of Many” Puppy/Dog Socialization BY Dee Ganley CPDT, CDBC, CABC And Barbara Handelman, M.Ed, CDBC   “part of the article”   Socialization is most critical for young dogs from 4 weeks to 4 months. However,