Puppies _ news from Telchines

Puppies born 08 August 2016! Today is 19 August 2016, and time go very fast! I had no time till now to write something of my babies . It was a fantastic emotion see them . After we lost the first baby female, the others born in two hours . Robin did very well! After […]

Robin at 1.DCBT Summer Cup Germany

[/caption]  Just got Home from The DCBT Summer Cup Germany . Tired from the long journey but soooo happy for the fantastic result!!!!! ROBIN at her first show has made ​​the Best Puppy in Show of a ALL breeds!! Judge: Jim Byrnes (IRL) “Kennel Lackyle” She was amazing  in the ring, especially after the stress of […]

Good morning, standing up for Staffies!

When you think of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier what do you see? The loving family pet or the savage, bloodthirsty monsters the media have portrayed them to be.  Staffies make wonderful, loyal pets,  highly affectionate, active and loyal dogs ,  they will melt your heart and you really do have a friend for life!