So Why Train Your Dog?

You had a dog when you were a kid and you never “trained” him and he was great. So why all this training stuff??? Why can’t we just live with Fritz. He’ll figure it out….right?? Spot always did. Yes, there are still dogs like that, and families with tons of time to spend with their […]

Becoming Dr Dolittle: Your Dog can Talk to you!

I’m reading a vey interesting book  “Dog Can Sign Too“  by Sean Senecal. Imagine being able to ask your dog , Who’s at the door? and having her respond, Katy. Or asking  What do you want? and him responding, Water. Or asking , Which toy do you want? and getting the response, Stick. If you’ve ever […]

Puppy Socialization “Rules of Many”

Puppy Socialization “Rules of Many” Puppy/Dog Socialization BY Dee Ganley CPDT, CDBC, CABC And Barbara Handelman, M.Ed, CDBC   “part of the article”   Socialization is most critical for young dogs from 4 weeks to 4 months. However,

One Great Snark! (slow motion dog to dog meeting)

This is an incredible video of a Mal who is a wee bit tight in his dog to dog intros. It’s at 1/10th speed, but just watch it unfold and look at the other dog’s reaction! The small brown dog knows what’s going to happen. Too bad the humans are clueless. Both handlers failed to […]