Telchines program

It is very IMPORTANT from the first days of pregnancy to touch the belly of the future mother. This not only relaxes mum and puppies but makes puppies more likely to have human contact

All Our Puppies are born at Home lovingly followed and cared for.

During the birth, all our attention is focused on helping  mother and puppies

Puppies follow an early neurological stimulation program.

These exercises have a positive result, but they must be done with experience and caution, as too much stress can have contraindications. Puppies don’t have to be manipulated too much, they also need their peace of mind.

From 20 days of age we begin a path of exposure to noise with software that generates various situations from the noises of firecrackers to fireworks, thunderstorms, children screaming, playing, running, noises from cars, airplanes, trains, vacuum cleaners. the intensity of the noises is gradually increased

At 45 days old, our puppies begin a path of exposure to different surfaces and the introduction of the leash

Molthi Stairs by Bianca Thiene

They meet other safe adults

and they start our program  preparation for the show ring 

Health Tested


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