"Whether we’re aware of it or not, every interaction we have with the pet is a Training Session"

The name “TELCHINES”  comes from my old Giant Schnauzer.

With them I had a lot of satisfaction in show and work (Utility and Defense)

Breed has never been my job but has always been my true and big passion.  I consider my dogs part of my family and with the few litters I have done during 30 years , I have always tried to select carefully without forgetting character and morphology.


MILVA Von Der Hohen Ward - JahreSieger Auslese - International Champion - Italian Champion - Austria Champion - German Champion - Sch H3 - IPO 3 - HD 0 - EyeChecked Free[

Regarding  character I have attended since 1983 and for many years the training camps and worked with my dogs in utility and defense (Sch h1 -2 -3 Ipo 1 – 2 – 3)

About Expo among the most recognized ttles my Giang Schnauzer have earned titles of Bundessieger, Europasieger, Vdh Sieger, Italian Ch., International Ch. , Austria Ch., Jahresieger Auslese, Ch. South Africa, many BOB, Bog and many others including a Best in Show at Bundessieger 

I was in charge of the Membership , in Working Trials Committee and the Executive Council of the Italian Schnauzer Club . A period of time very intense and constructive during which I had a way to grow, surrounded by people who still respect very much . From my side , I also hope to have brought my small contribution to the improvement of the breed during this period .

I attended many courses with the sole aim to better understand the behavior of my dogs. Among the last courses, that I feel I have been very useful , a Master Canine Behavior and one in Low Stress Handling in English language.

I’m an APDT Professional Member and IAABC Supporting.

In 2002 I left the dog world for a period because of my job that I do not let me more time to follow my dogs as I wanted .

Then one day I met the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and it was love at first sight.

Bold, Fearless and Totally Reliable! . There are no better words to describe it.

When my last Giant Schnauzer died, I began to inquire , to study the blood lines , making contacts , and in February 2013 came my first Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Yes We Can Great ‘n Glory (ROBIN)

Every day I learn from them and with them something new .

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube too.

Thank you for attention

Cristina Cozza

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