Turmeric-for-Dogs-and-AnimalsDid you know?

Curcumin has the ability to help keep animals healthy, based on studies showing it has anti-cancer activities and so much more, highlighted by Dr. Karen Becker in the video below.
In fact, one study discussed by Dr. Becker states turmeric has more than two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds to help block an enzyme that cause inflammation associated with arthritis, which many of our animal friends suffer from with aging.
Other uses for turmeric for your animal friend include prevention. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that might help:

Enhance antioxidant protection against free radicals Balance the digestive tract
Promote healthy skin and eyes Promote healthy blood and circulation
Provide and support a healthy immune system Maintain normal cholesterol levels
Promote joint health Improve stress tolerance
Encourage healthy liver function Maintain healthy blood sugar levels within normal range

There is also potential for turmeric to treat sarcoma in cats and slow the progression of autoimmune diseases and studies are ongoing. The Indian spice can also help your animal friends better cope with stress.

Mix turmeric in with your dog’s or cat’s dry or wet food,
To increase the bio-availability of Turmeric, when adding turmeric to your dog’s food in the bowl also add coconut oil .

Cautions, Possible Drug Interactions (before give to your dog , speak with your veterinary)

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