I successfully completed my Master Dog Behaviorist  in collaboration with the University of California Devis .

It  was a very interesting experience . After a long and difficult path also due to the difficulty of the language and after one  year and a half , I have supported my final exam and received my Diploma !

It is not my intention use my degree to teach others, first because I think you never stop learning and then because  it is not my job.
This course helped me to understand more about my dogs , their language and their signals . Besides deepening the technical terms of the language, I was able to learn and get advice from highly qualified experts .

I thank all my teachers for trust me  and for all the lessons that went far beyond the simple lessons provided .

I also thank Bianca Thiene who helped me to prepare all the documentation video for teachers , to put into practice the lessons and clarify some points.

And last but not least, I thank my four-legged friends who give me every day the chance to understand them.

 Cristina Cozza


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