Challenge for the day. Don’t talk to your dog today!

 Challenge for the day:  Don’t talk to your dog today. Instead, talk only with your body language and see what happens. You’ll find out how much you chatter to your dog, meaningless words and wonder why she tunes you out. A surprise may be that your dog pays closer attention because she’ll have to rely on […]

Canine muzzle grab behavior—advanced dog language

The muzzle grab is an interesting behavior that I’ve seen in many canids including our domestic dogs. It’s a behavior that scares many dog owners who believe it signals unconditional and uninhibited aggression. It doesn’t. The muzzle grab is yet one of those fascinating behaviors which developed and evolved because it conferred a higher fitness […]

Becoming Dr Dolittle: Your Dog can Talk to you!

I’m reading a vey interesting book  “Dog Can Sign Too“  by Sean Senecal. Imagine being able to ask your dog , Who’s at the door? and having her respond, Katy. Or asking  What do you want? and him responding, Water. Or asking , Which toy do you want? and getting the response, Stick. If you’ve ever […]