New Litters Soon !!

This year  we planned two litters. One Mating  early November 2021 and one mating  late December.  BUT the two girls decided to do these litters together. So, Mystique delayed her season one month and half , and Haru decided to anticipate her Season 15 days. lol . At the end they had ovulation the same […]

Puppies 12 days

Good morning, Here a beautiful photo of the puppies at 12 days! They are growing so fast

Puppies _ news from Telchines

Puppies born 08 August 2016! Today is 19 August 2016, and time go very fast! I had no time till now to write something of my babies . It was a fantastic emotion see them . After we lost the first baby female, the others born in two hours . Robin did very well! After […]

Keisha is finally pregnant!

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